Marching Into Spring

I know, I know, it's a cheesy title for March. We could talk about March Madness and the Kentucky basketball craze. But we will leave that to the sportscasters and focus on what we love best, fashion and what's new.

This spring the newest trends are baring shoulders and wearing florals in vintage patterns. Tops are flowy and swingy and jeans are distressed. The biggest item we see with jeans are the embroidered flowers on the legs. Just single flowers in bold colors. And the same flowers are showing up on tops and jackets too. Oh! speaking of jackets, you are going to want one of the newest Kimono jackets this spring. Light weight, flowing and perfect to layer with your spring dresses, jeans or even shorts. 

Long necklaces are still hot, paired with a new plain flowy tee and you are good to go for work or play. Stack on the bracelets too. Beaded or banded, bracelets are always a great look. We are also venturing into sandals this summer and just brought out Pierre Dumas in two styles we are sure you will love.

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