When Is The Price Worth It?

When Is The Price Worth It?

It almost sweater weather and we can't wait! Sure we loved our summer, our cute tops and shorts but now we are ready for cooler weather. Bring on the sweaters!

Sweaters can run the gamut of price ranges. You can find some very cute styles that are really cheap and some beautiful styles that are sky high. First, ask yourself "what am I looking for?" Do you want something to toss away at the end of the season or spend a bit more for something you will wear again next year and even the year after? If it's the latter, here are a few tips to help you decide.

First, what is the weight of the sweater? Does it feel substantial in your hand? If it's thinner, almost see-through, it's likely not to hold up perhaps even the season. Washers and dryers are hard on sweaters and its always recommended that you hand wash any sweaters. 

Secondly, look at the inside. How is it joined? How is it sewn in the seams? Tug a little, not too hard, but you will see if the stitching or knitted seams are going to hold up.

Lastly, look at the details. Notice the details of this sweater, the ribbed trim along the sides, neck and sides. The extra at the sleeve. It costs more to produce than a simple pull over sweater but boy does it look better too. A great sweater like this one, although casual, will let the world know you value good style.

And that's our word on sweaters. Come back often to see what we have to offer this fall, we are adding to our collection weekly. And yes, we do love the less expensive ones too. Sometimes we go for cute over well made, we just have to be honest :-)

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