Custom Personal Masks


$ 8.95 
Available for pre-order

Any photo, any pattern, or your business logo. We can customize your mask with just what you want!

3 layer. 100% polyester outer layers, 100% cotton inner layer. Dust protector protects mouth and nose, with comfortable, breathable material. 

Kids size: 6.5" wide x 4.25" tall. Women's size: 7.9" wide by 5.5" tall.

To order online: Pay for your mask and send your photo, pattern or anything you'd like on your mask to We will send you back a confirmation. If want a photo of the lower half of your face, take a front facing photo from arms length.

Our masks are custom printed in-house and there may be imperfections. We do our best to get them exact but be aware, they won't be perfect 'cause we aren't perfect :-)