Silhouette Replacement Blade

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These blades can be used in all Silhouette electronic tools (not included) to cut materials from vinyl to cardstock to fabric. This package includes one blade. Imported

The replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette electronic cutting tools. (Not compatible with the discontinued blade pin SILH-BLADE-RD).

The deep cut blade will cut through thicker materials. Use with Silhouette deep-cut electronic cutting tools (sold separately). This 4x2-3/4x3/4 inch package contains one 2mm deep-cut blade. Imported.

Fabric Blade. Blades will dull, but using this blade for all your fabric needs will help prolong the life of your black blade as it cuts through all paper projects. For use with the Silhouette machine (not included). This package includes one blade and one ratchet cap.