When Is The Price Worth It?

When Is The Price Worth It?

It almost sweater weather and we can't wait! Sure we loved our summer, our cute tops and shorts but now we are ready for cooler weather. Bring on the sweaters!

Sweaters can run the gamut of price ranges. You can find some very cute styles that are really cheap and some beautiful styles that are sky high. First, ask yourself "what am I looking for?" Do you want something to toss away at the end of the season or spend a bit more for something you will wear again next year and even the year after? If it's the latter, here are a few tips to help you decide.

First, what is the weight of the sweater? Does it feel substantial in your hand? If it's thinner, almost see-through, it's likely not to hold up perhaps even the season. Washers and dryers are hard on sweaters and its always recommended that you hand wash any sweaters. 

Secondly, look at the inside. How is it joined? How is it sewn in the seams? Tug a little, not too hard, but you will see if the stitching or knitted seams are going to hold up.

Lastly, look at the details. Notice the details of this sweater, the ribbed trim along the sides, neck and sides. The extra at the sleeve. It costs more to produce than a simple pull over sweater but boy does it look better too. A great sweater like this one, although casual, will let the world know you value good style.

And that's our word on sweaters. Come back often to see what we have to offer this fall, we are adding to our collection weekly. And yes, we do love the less expensive ones too. Sometimes we go for cute over well made, we just have to be honest :-)

Our Biggest Announcement Yet

We've been so busy this summer that we have not had a chance to update our blog. That's a good thing and a not so good thing. We're growing but it's been a little difficult to keep up at times. And now we are expanding! 

We are moving to a bigger space in the Eddyville Mall! That's right, lots more room for lots more boutique and personalized items. We will finally have a real work room to do our customizations and a huge floor to expand our boutique offerings.

The plan is to be out of our current location by October 29th and open the door for business in our new location as of October 30th. We hope. But then again we're kind of optimistic.

Oh! so much to do...

Marching Into Spring

I know, I know, it's a cheesy title for March. We could talk about March Madness and the Kentucky basketball craze. But we will leave that to the sportscasters and focus on what we love best, fashion and what's new.

This spring the newest trends are baring shoulders and wearing florals in vintage patterns. Tops are flowy and swingy and jeans are distressed. The biggest item we see with jeans are the embroidered flowers on the legs. Just single flowers in bold colors. And the same flowers are showing up on tops and jackets too. Oh! speaking of jackets, you are going to want one of the newest Kimono jackets this spring. Light weight, flowing and perfect to layer with your spring dresses, jeans or even shorts. 

Long necklaces are still hot, paired with a new plain flowy tee and you are good to go for work or play. Stack on the bracelets too. Beaded or banded, bracelets are always a great look. We are also venturing into sandals this summer and just brought out Pierre Dumas in two styles we are sure you will love.

Stop by or shop online, we love to hear from you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for up to the minute posts on new arrivals.

Love And Romance

Love And Romance

Valentine's Day is upon us. Already! We've been blessed to have had a mild winter and it appears our weekend leading up to the day-for-romance will be warm.

We are steadily receiving transitional pieces to go from winter to spring and oh! are they good looking! New boutique for sizes SM-3X as well as our favorite brands, Simply Southern, Girlie Girl and more are rolling off of the UPS truck.

Wow, it's almost overwhelming, this learning to grow a business. We don't always do it right but we sure appreciate our customers and good friends support. Occasionally we have not met expectations because we are growing. For instance, we have not found any satisfactory jeans lines yet. Our goal is to keep prices reasonable and products fashionable. We want what we sell to hold up to wear too. Keep checking with us on the jeans. We will hunt them down!

Here's sharing the love with you on Valentine's and we can't wait to see photos on Instgram of how good lookin' you are in your new purchase! Just tag us at #bowsandcleats.

New Styles, New Vendors, and Lots of Style!

New Styles, New Vendors, and Lots of Style!

Did you notice? We're adding new boutique styles to our already great selection of casual life style apparel. Our focus has always been on the way most of us really live in our clothes. We are busy people who like to be comfortable and we don't want to spend a car payment to look good. 

We hope you will take a look as we morph into where we want to go in 2017. And we hope you will feel free to tell us what you think. Actually, we really want you will tell us what you want to see more of and even what you aren't to crazy about.

In the meantime, we can tell you what we are seeing for early spring, lots and lots of florals on everything. Plenty of bare or drop shoulder tops. The swing top, the full blouse-y tops are all popular. And loads of distressed, ripped jeans with some flares showing up too. Keep your eye out, we're on the move again!

Let's Play Along! University of Kentucky 2017

They Win - You Win

We are getting behind the University of Kentucky's basketball team in 2017. You will be a winner each time the Cats win!

When UK wins a game you will receive a discount equal to the amount of points they won the game by. We will choose an UK item to discount for each win!

How Will You Know?

Sign up for our email newsletter and get the updates right on your desktop or mobile email, and be sure to also watch our Facebook page and Instagram feed. We will post the item and the discount code the day after the game. Bring the code to our website, or click the links we provide in our feeds and use the code to get the deal!