About Us

I'm Vida Gary and this is my little story. I love to make things and my day job is a graphic designer and marketer for my family business. In 2015, during my "off time" (among a million other things) I was making tees for local school fans and selling them out of the back of my car. I sold a lot of them. So many I decided to open a store to make it easier for both me and my customers. Thus the name "Bows & Cleats" came about. Bows for girly items and Cleats for the sportie girls. I know, it's a crazy name but you remember it don't you, lol!

Well, a few years later and many adjustments, we are now here with a big 3500 sq ft store at the Eddyville Mall and a rich inventory of not only those school fan wear items in local school colors, but also lovely boutique fashions, footwear, purses and jewelry. Inside our store is our "Custom Shoppe" where we do embroidery and vinyl customizing for our regular customers as well as corporate clients. We make many custom items (my passion) including canvas prints, glass cutting boards, license plates and so much more. 

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our entire team. I can't thank them enough for making this crazy dream a reality.